Victoria Soil & Water
Conservation District


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Who are we?

The Victoria Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) has been in operation for over 50 years. They provide assistance to farmers and ranchers in promoting sound soil and water conservation programs on agricultural lands within the district. They also serve as a voice for farmers, rancher and local community entities on conservation matters. The district is divided into 5 zones, with each director from one of the zones.

The district gives one to three college scholarships to deserving high school graduating seniors from the Victoria County. We honor local outstanding farmers, ranchers, teachers, Ag businesses and our student winners of a conservation contest, at our locally held annual awards banquet. We also sponsors local workshops, for example a bush control workshop to provide the latest guidance for controlling brush problems. The district sponsors a prescribed burn workshop and supports the Coastal Bend Prescribed Burn Association. We support the Texas Grazing Land Conservation (GLC) and the Coastal Prairie Conservation Initiative, with their efforts to enhance grazing land management and wildlife habitat restoration. Victoria SWCD is the administrative arm for both the GLC and the CPCI as well as providing technical expertise for these projects.

The Victoria SWCD was established in March of 1943. The purpose of this landowner’s organization was to provide technical assistance to the county’s farmers and ranchers in applying conservation treatment to their land to protect the soil, water, plant and wildlife resources.

The Victoria SWCD provides about 80% of the county’s agricultural land owners and operators with assistance when dealing with erosion, water quality and quantity issues, brush problems, grazing management problems and wildlife habitat management problems.

Recently, Victoria SWCD has expanded our conservation effort to better meet the increasing complexity of managing our natural resources. Read more about our scholarships and how we honor local farmers and ranchers.

Our Board

Our board members from left to right: Bill Murphy (Vice Chairman), Charlie White (Member), Sherilyn Arnecke (Member), Rob Angerstein (Treasurer/Secretary), Stephen Diebel (Chairman).

Our Sponsors

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